• Errors exist for one or more children

    In BizTalk 2013/VS 2012 development, I got the following error: #Error: Errors exist for one or more children Cause: Typically this problem is usually associated with problems in Orchestration Designer “refactoring” or “graphical interpretation” and in a certain way it isn’t a “valid error”, ie, it doesn’t describe the real problem. What seems to happen…

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  • XLANG in BizTalk Orchestration:

    Sometimes we need to pass a BizTalk message to an external assembly for applying complex business logic, extracting some information etc. We need to use Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes namespace in defining the class. And create method or function with parameter type as XLANGMessage. For more details about how to comsume external assembly in BizTalk orchestration. Click here…

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