Exception Handling in BizTalk

Exception handlin in BizTalk: It is most important point in BizTalk to handing exception. If we don’t apply exception handling in our BizTalk application then when ever message failed in processing then its suspend and store in BizTalk Message box and availabe in suspended instance in BizTalk admin console. It will create heavy cost for BizTalk performance as well as production support activity.

If exception is not handle proper way then it will create problem for BizTalk Performance. for this we need to understand some activity related to message box database (BizTalkMsgDb). As we know every message stored at message box database and process. And Message box db deletes the message when it successfully send. So  when message failed and available at suspended instance in admin console, then it stored in database and will not be deleted until unless we terminate instance. BizTalkMsgDb size is mostly with 4 GB.

There are two way to handle exception

  1. ESB Management Portal
  2. Create custom pipeline or orchestration to track the exception and send alert.

How to apply Exception handling on BizTalk Application

  1. Exception Handling at port: We can handle exception at port level through Enabling Routing failed message check box.
  2. Exception Handling in orchestration
  3. Handling Receive/Send Port level exception through orchestration.

For more info about how to handle exception at BizTalk Port level click here

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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