Using Dictionary for BizTalk Instances

Sometimes in BizTalk, we may need to use Dictionary for checking various conditions for multiple messages/Records of the same BizTalk Instance. This can be achieved using Dictionary ThreadStaticAttribute.

Requirement: My BizTalk Orchestration accepts envelop message (Multiple records), I need to loop through each record and insert the data in sql table. Here the condition is I should not insert duplicate records in the table as my envelope message might have duplicate records. So, in orchestration before sql insert, I need to check whether the record is already inserted.

This requirement can be achieved using Dictionary ThreadStaticAttribute.

ThreadStatic variable is scoped to the current thread that is being processed.

We need to call a .net component from BizTalk expression shape by sending Key and Value pair as input parameters.


//SampleLookup is variable name which points to the class “LookUpHelper”

//Lookup is the name of the method which is accepting two parameters.

// lookupResult is Boolen variable.

//Key, Value is some unique identification for the record, example PolicyId/BrokerId…

Below .net component has a method “Lookup” which accepts two input parameters and return Boolean.

  • If the record exists in Dictionary, method will return “true”.
  • If the record doesn’t exist in Dictionary, method will insert the data into Dictionary and return “false”.
  • In Orchestration, If the method return value is “true”, you can skip sql insertion.
  • If the method return value is “false”, you can proceed for sql insertion.

You need to call the lookup method for each record in loop shape.

//.Net Code

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace SampleNamespace



    public class LookUpHelper


        //Create Dictionary


        private static System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string> _data = new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>();

        public static System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string> Data




                if (_data == null)


                    _data = new System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>();


                return _data;




                _data = value;



            /// <summary>

        /// Method to check if the value is already present and if not, store the value in dictionary against a key

        /// </summary>

        /// <param name=”key”>key</param>

        /// <param name=”value”>value</param>

        public Boolean Lookup(string key, string value)


            if (Data.ContainsKey(key))


                return true;




                Data.Add(key, value);

                return false;





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