Manipulating Data Using Functoids

BizTalk mapping provides toolbox for better and advance mapping. Which are helpful to create mapping or transformation in easy way without knowledge of XSLT. For functoid details, you need to drag & drop functoid into grid and open that by double click. Functoid work details will be mentioned. In below screenshot Script functoid is defined.

the Functoids are organized into nine categories based on their intended purpose:

  • Advanced Functoids: used to create various types of data manipulation, such as implementing custom script (C#, Visual Basic .NET, XSLT), value mapping, and managing and extracting data from looping records.
  • Conversion Functoids: used to convert data, such as: convert ASCII to characters or to convert numbers from one base to another (hex, decimal).
  • Cumulative Functoids: used to perform various types of accumulation operations for values that occur multiple times within an instance message.
  • Database Functoids: used to look up data from a database and to perform simple cross-referencing operations (sometimes called ID mapping).
  • Date and Time Functoids: this is a set of operations applicable on dates like, add date, time, date and time, or add days to a specified date, in output data.
  • Logical Functoids: used to conditionally control the behavior of other Functoids and to determine whether output data is created.
  • Mathematical Functoids: used to perform specific numeric calculations such as addition, multiplication, and division.
  • Scientific Functoids: used to perform specific scientific calculations such as logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric functions.
  • String Functoids: used to manipulate data strings (text alphanumeric) by using well-known string functions such as concatenation, length, find, and trim.

If you have deleted the functoid by mistake or need to add custom functoid, then you can resume them back as below:

Right click on toolbox and select Choose Items as below:

And select as below:

If you want to know more about Functoids, please refer the following resources:

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