Tutorial – Orchestration

BizTalk Orchestration:

BizTalk orchestration is used to visually model workflows and provide the primary mechanism to implement business process automation within a solution. Orchestrations are the most powerful tool within the BizTalk Server toolbox, as they allow for the rapid development and deployment of complex processes that in many circumstances can be implemented with little to no coding.

An orchestration is a flexible, powerful tool for representing an executable business process based on XLANG/s language. XLANG/s can be viewed as a messaging language with some of the expression capabilities of C#. 

Orchestration should be used for:

  1. Correlate multiple message to fulfil business requirement
  2. Fire business rule into business rule engine
  3. Manage & scope business transaction
  4. Apply many to one mapping

Orchestration should not be used for:

  • Simply route message between ports
  • Perform simple or conditional transformation on message
  • Define complex business rules and policies
  • Simply call remote systems through expression & managed code

Creating Orchestrations

Advanced Orchestration Design

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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