BizTalk with REST

Now from BizTalk 2013 R2 release, Microsoft provides the communication with Rest Services through WCF-WebHttp adapter. As of now in new technology era Cloud computing, REST services are mainly used for communications. Microsoft understands that and make BizTalk to fully support with REST services from 2013 R2 and above version. In this blog we provides all the process and activity related to BizTalk with REST services. Hopefully this will help you. Below are the in-build feature in BizTalk for REST services.

  1. WCF-WebHttp adapter- to communicate with REST Service
  2. JSON decoder pipeline component- to convert Json file into xml format in Receive Pipeline.
  3. JSON encoder pipeline component- to convert xml file to Json in Send Pipeline.
  4. JSON Schema Wizard- To generate xsd from json file.

We are providing details for how you an publish/consume REST services in BizTalk. How to handle arraylist JSON file through custom pipelines. Hopefully It will help you to understand BizTalk compatibility with REST service in easy manner.


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