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  • Difference between BizTalk & cloud integration tools (iPaaS integration tools)

    Now a days a lot of buzz is going on which is better ESB on premises or iPaaS integration tool.Both has their own advantage and drawback. We need to choose based on requirement and current circumstances not blindly move on cloud. Many organizations chose to not move everything in to the cloud because of these…

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  • Hybrid Integration and BizTalk

    Hybrid cloud integration provides adjustment to ventures, integrating information from on-premise legacy systems with cloud information and guaranteeing that organizations have a full favorable position when driving forward. hybrid integration enables companies to run their data exchange and technology consumption using a blend of two distinct technology deployments – cloud and on-premise. Organizations using hybrid cloud…

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  • Serverless Architecture (FaaS)

    Serverless architecture is hot topic in today’s market in cloud computing. Its provide a great feature in Cloud computing. After coming IaaS (Infrastructure as a Server), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture concept, this is new concept FaaS (Function as a Service). We can call FaaS as Serverless Architecture.…

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