Tag: BizTalk Server

  • What is BizTalk Server?

    BizTalk Server: BizTalk is the Integration tool developed by Microsoft as a middleware product that helps to connect various systems together to transfer data. BizTalk provides the base services to do powerful application integration across disparate systems and even organizations. Microsoft BizTalk Server is an application server that enables companies to integrate and manage automated…

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  • Why BizTalk?

    BizTalk is market leading tool in the integration world. As per some survey conducted by (https://discovery.hgdata.com/product/biztalk-server) and (https://idatalabs.com/tech/products/biztalk-server). BizTalk has almost 16% market share in Integration world. It is most from any other integration tools. 2nd leading integration tool is IBM WebSphere. So, if anyone says that BizTalk is dead or no future scope, it’s…

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