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  • BizTalk Custom Pipeline to Convert Excel file to Xml file

    This blog explains how to convert .xls to Xml file in BizTalk using Custom Pipeline. Below pipeline component is generic one, which can be applied to any excel files for xml conversion. Sample Input (Excel File): Sample Output (Xml File): Please follow below steps. Take a class library project and keep the code mentioned in…

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  • Custom Pipeline to Add DocType in Message

    Sometimes we require to add some element, tag, DocType in incoming or outgoing message from BizTalk. We can achieve this by using custom pipeline. But we should use this pipeline component in Decode or encode stage of Pipeline. In this sample custom pipeline, we convert the message in string. So you can take this code…

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  • BAM in Custom Pipeline

    In BizTalk, BAM can be applied on pipeline level and in orchestration. Here we are going to implement BAM in BizTalk through BAM API programming. For more details of BAM APIs click here Normally for BAM Programming below three functions are required under EventStream class. BeginActivity UpdateActivity EndActivity But if you want some more advance…

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