BizTalk Interview Questions & Answers

This blog is related to BizTalk Interview questions & Answers.In BizTalk, there are specific set of components e.g Schemas, Pipelines, orchestration etc. Most of the time several questions are common in all interview. e.g. about message type, types of scope in orchestration, routing message type and custom pipeline.

But during interview, we need to understand that for which position the hiring is. It is either development or support. For developer position mostly questions related to development activity e.g. how to consume web service, database, orchestration scopes, import/include schemas, schemas types etc.

And for support activity mostly questions related to support activity, BizTalk admin console, host & host instances, how to route failure message, failed message tracking, resumable, non-resumable message, application deployment, installation of BizTalk server in single/multiple server, load balancing, highly availability etc.

Here we provides questions and answers. Hopefully it will help you in the interview. Below are the list of sections for interview questions & Answers. Please go through each section for details.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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