BizTalk Tutorial

Module 1: BizTalk Server Overview

Module 2: BizTalk Server Setup

Module 3: Creating BizTalk Schemas

Module 4: Creating BizTalk Maps

Module 5: Creating Pipelines

Module 6: Creating Orchestrations

Module 7: Advanced Orchestration Design

Module 8: BizTalk with Rest Services

Module 9: BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

Module 10: ESB Management Console


4 responses to “BizTalk Tutorial”

  1. hi
    i want to expose rest endpoint having post method and request and response in json and response should be stored in database sql ,can i get a detailed procedure to do this from scratch please


  2. hi,
    Firstly i must say, the blog is very good to learn things .
    i want write a inline XSLT template,which receives at repeating structure from source and map to destination. Can i get a detailed procedure to do this..


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