What is BizTalk Server?

BizTalk Server: BizTalk is the Integration tool developed by Microsoft as a middleware product that helps to connect various systems together to transfer data.

BizTalk provides the base services to do powerful application integration across disparate systems and even organizations. Microsoft BizTalk Server is an application server that enables companies to integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents, within or across organizational boundaries

BizTalk Server also uses the latest releases of other Microsoft technologies. It’s built on the .NET Framework, and the developer tools are hosted in Microsoft Visual Studio. For storage, BizTalk Server uses SQL Server. BizTalk Server can run on 64-bit Windows Servers, taking advantage of the larger memory and other benefits that the hardware offers.

Microsoft has released latest version of BizTalk: BizTalk Server 2020.

BizTalk Server Monitoring

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