Test Mapping

Microsoft has provided great feature in mapping. We can test mapping before deployment that everything is running fine or not.

Right click on map in solution explorer. There are three tabs showing as below:

  1. Test Map: it will test the map. You can provide input xml path in TestMap input instance tab into Test Map section in properties. And change the TestMap input from General Instance to XML. Below is the output when we run the Test Map.
  1. Validate Map: it willgenerate the xsl file for the mapping. You can use this file as reference whenever require creating custom xslt for mapping. Sometimes we use custom scripts (C# and XSLT) inside our maps and sometimes we make use of external XSLT files to perform the transformation. In these cases, Validate Map is an important operation that will allow us to validate the structure and syntax of the map. It will also provide us with another way to inspect and analyze the XSLT code generated by the compiler, thereby providing us with more information on how the maps work and with an option to debug maps inside the XSLT code.
  1. Debug Map: BizTalkmapping background is xslt. So, you can debug and check the mapping This option allows us to debug a map, thereby facilitating the identification and correction of complex mapping problems at design time. Debugging a map is straightforward and can be useful in many situations.

Note: Some time the input message xml files BizTalk receive and the schema which has already developed, may not match due to schema prefix or element data type that why it failed in map mostly it happens in development environment. And we face issue when we test xml file into map. Mapping does not success and fails due to some schema validation. Before testing the xml file into test map. Just verify the xml files in schema via validate instance. If verification success, then proceed for mapping test.

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